It is a perfect tool for users and professional WiFi network analysts and administrators to control their office wireless network performance and who is connected to it, identify access point data transmission speeds, and optimize their company’s WiFi network channels. Perpetual Acrylic WiFi Professional license to identify access points and wifi channels, and to analyze and resolve incidences on 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless networks in real time. Access WiFi network detailed information, including hidden wireless networks, and make the most of unique features such as monitor mode to capture and analyze all wireless device traffic, device viewer, equipment inventory, and WiFi speed analysis.
Acrylic WiFi Professional licenses are meant for 1 user but they allow up to 3 different devices activations for their entire life. This way, if you change your laptop/tablet, you can transfer Acrylic WiFi Professional from your old device to the new one and continue using the most advanced troubleshooting tool in the market!
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