Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps is the most advanced and, at the same time, the most simple WiFi site survey design tool on the market.

  • It designs and plans a new wifi network installation, positions the access points on the map, simulates the network coverage and measures all the variables to obtain the best performance and coverage, obtaining the position where to install the APs.
  • Performs automatic coverage and signal quality studies of all existing access points.
  • It visualizes the information in 2D and 3D coverage maps and identifies key aspects to improve the performance of voice and data communications in wireless networks.

Acquire your Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps license and optimize your WiFi infrastructure by performing an automatic WiFi coverage study and signal quality of all existing access points. Identify key aspects to improve the performance of your voice and data communications in wireless networks, and to study the user experience in your network.

Covers the 5 stages of analysis of a wifi network

  1. Design and plan a new wifi network from scratch with its predictive planning.
  2. Performs a Site Survey to analyze the passive, active or radio spectrum (RF) wifi infrastructure deployed.
  3. View results visually with heat maps and detailed graphs.
    • Signal level map (RSSI wlan heatmap)
    • AP Coverage Map (Ap Coverage)
    • Signal quality map (Signal-to-noise ratio: SNR)
    • Mapa de cobertura de canal (Channel coverage)
    • Map of radioelectric emissions (wifi spectrum)
    • Channel Overlap Map. (Channel Overlap)
    • Access point location map. (Ap location)
    • Access Point Density Map (AP Density)
    • Routes and measurement points maps.
    • 2D and 3D representation of coverage maps.
    • Map of transfer speed and response times.
  4. Automatic network quality analysis (Wi-Fi Quality). Improve those points that do not meet the requirements and visualize the results with the wifi quality module.
  5. Generates a final editable report (.docx) with the results of the project, both design and analysis.

Perform active site survey, passive site survey and RF spectrum analysis with your Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps license to generate editable reports and maps in high resolution and quality.

Maintenance (updates):
Free, included in the product price.
Support services are optional. Perpetual license includes 1 year support for free.
Devices allowed:
One user, up to 2 devices.
Devices changes allowed:
2 devices changes. *Changes in total, not per activation.
License period:
The license period starts after the first activation, not the purchase. If you acquire an annual license on January 9 and activate it on February 2, it will expire on February 2 of the following year.
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